What content marketing platform should you use ?

According to the CMI, the content marketing is a “marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action”.

There are as many types and examples of content marketing so, in this article, I will only focus on three different platforms that will mostly allow you to:

  • Build your online reputation
  • Develop brand awareness and loyalty about your product or service
  • Improve organic Google search rankings
  • Convert readers into clients or email sign-ups
  • Build trust with your target
  • Attract strategic partners

Platform #1 : Blog Posts

That is the most obvious platform since you are actually reading a blog post from my very own personal blog ! Writing articles on a regular basis is the best way to start your content marketing strategy because it requires very little effort and will help you to bring a lot of visitors to your website. However, make it about the quality and not the quantity : you need a short article that goes straight to your point with all the important details (names, dates, prices, availability, reviews, etc.). Feel free to use backlinks and to ask your readers to submit their opinion : that’s how you create interactions with people and build your reputation.

Platform #2 : Downloadable Goodies

We are talking about free goodies such as ebooks, templates, tutorials, studies, etc. They might be a section of your blog and/or can be downloaded after subscribing to your blog or newsletter. They really represent you since they are supposed to give an idea of the quality of your work and teach a particular skill. Publishing an ebook is an excellent way to establish your authority or expertise on any given subject and will allow you to gain respect and recognition from your readers.

Platform #3 : Podcasts

Nowadays, Podcasts receive a resurgence of attention from both consumers and marketers. Podcasts are a fantastic tool because people are more accustomed to consuming media in transit while driving, getting ready for work, cooking, traveling… Podcasts can be consumed “on demand”, like Netflix and can be listened from a smart phone or a computer. There is always a podcast for any topic where you can address any issue or interview someone at any given occasion and then put your podcast on the internet for free. All you have to do is to find a theme, identify your target/audience, find high quality recording tools and then start with any platform available on the internet.

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