How to do a giveway on social media in 5 steps

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter have been abuzz with giveaways. And we love freebies and free goodies. But giveaways take a lot more than just giving out free products. On top of boosting engagement, giveaways allow you to track who is following your content. Knowing and understanding your followers would help you better narrow down your target audience and craft organic and paid content which resonates well with them. Learn about how to do a giveaway on social media in 6 simple but effective steps.


First of all, you have to understand your target audience. If you have a business profile on social networks, you can leverage their tracking tools to analyze your audience demographic. Are you followed by men or women ? From which part of the world ? How old are they ? What do they like about you ? What do they do not like about you ? Besides you, who do they follow ? What are their main concerns and interests ? Be aware of who your followers are and you will know how to target your audience.


Planning is everything and the content is key, especially on social media. You have to know when the giveaway takes place, on which platform, the kind of algorithms that can interfere with your target, the attention and coverage you need and the message. It has to be clear but eye-catching too to generate the interest that you are looking for so don’t be afraid to have amazing visuals. Use colors, emotional captions, words, videos and all the tools at your disposal to create your giveaway and run a couple of tests with tour team and or friends. Once it’s done, you can plan it, based on the most appropriate moment according to the information that you have on your community.


If you plan on reaching the widest range of people for your giveaway, you have to promote it before it happens. You have to build your community’s anticipation and excitement by making sure everybody knows about your giveaway. However, each social media platform has its own rules. For example, Instagram and Facebook say that you should make it clear that they are not directly involved in the campaign. Some guidelines for posting promotional content on social media platforms may also be country-specific. Read up on all of the rules for the platform you’ve chosen.

You can use Youtube for instance or ask for replies on social media such as Twitter. You can use your own stories with links or even do a facebook post. All of that depends on the nature of your business and on your goal.


After promoting your giveway, it’s time to select the winner but be fair, otherwise your target will quickly unfollow you. Notify the winner immediately and ask them for permission to use their picture in an email announcing the winner of the contest. Your audience have to see how you treat your winner and how you celebrate him/her. Take this opportunity to give your best side to the world and make sure the winner praises you so do not be afraid to encourage the winner to share about winning the price, and to review your product on their site. This will do a lot for you in terms of reputation.


Yes, you did win too because you now have a lot of new datas about your community. All you have left to do is to track engagement and find out which products your followers are eyeing, who are your main followers, as well as what types of content resonate better with your target audience. You can also update your emailing list and count the benefits of any giveaway in terms of followers on social media or retweets or shout outs. There is always something to learn from an active giveaway campaign and there is always a benefit to doing that.

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