Remembering Alaïa’s legacy

He was the short man of Fashion. He was a shop, in Paris’s chic Marais district where fashionistas who wanted luxury without showing off were welcomed with open arms. He was a man with a big heart, an artist that we all remember for his structured, exacting tailoring and his refusal to bow to industry timetables and pressures.

Many of you remember him as Naomi Campbell’s father and for being friends with Lady Gaga, Kanye West and many other celebrities such as the Kardashians, Tina Turner and Faye Dunaway. Many of you only remember his work in the 80’s or his recent collaborations. I, for my part, remember a genius who did not care about time, who loved women and designing clothes for women. I remember the excitement surrounding the launch of his perfume at Sephora or his collaboration with Tati. I remember when he bought back his brand from Prada.

Since his death has saddened many of us, I wanted to remind you all of the beauty of his designs by showing you his latest collection. Enjoy.

And I wanted to remind you of all the A-Listers who wore his clothes… From Mariah Carey to Jennifer Lopez to Beyoncé to Rihanna… He could dress them all.

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