Jennifer Lopez breaks the internet by recreating her iconic Versace dress moment at Milan Fashion Week

Jennifer Lopez is not only a triple threat who can sing, dance and act. Like Rihanna or Posh Spice, she is also a fashion icon that we all love. At Milan Fashion week this past Friday, the mega star stunned everybody when she walked out wearing a new version of the infamous dress that she wore at the 2000 Grammy Awards and that became the impetus for Google to launch Google Images.

As the show ended, a voiceover recording asking Google to show pictures of that green Versace dress filled the room. After images filled screens around the venue, Versace’s voice then asked to see the real thing–which then led to J.Lo storming the runway and the fastest standing ovation to ever occur at a fashion show.


“It was amazing!” Donatella Versace said in a press release. “The world had the same reaction: jaw dropping. Today we live in a technological world, but back then, one event prompted the creation of a new took that now has become part of our lives.” As for Jennifer Lopez, she posted a picture and a video on her Instagram account which has reach more than 12 million views since then.

For the record, Jennifer Lopez has previously worn two different versions of her 2000 dress in 2013 : for her “I luh ya Papi” vidéo and for a show in her native Bronx, New York.

That dress is, in my humble opinion, more than a simple piece from a collection. It has a story to tell. It has a meaning for women, Versace and fashion critics. It has its place in fashion history since it changed it forever.

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