Case Study : ColourPop and the power of digital marketing

ColourPop is so popular that you can not ignore the presence of this new company in the make up world. Founded only two years ago in L.A. by siblings Laura and John Nelson, the company claims to be vegan, toppling the fanbases of onetime beauty juggernauts like Estee Lauder (2.6 million followers) and Revlon (1.6 million followers).

The products and The Price

Like Kylie Cosmetics, Huda Beauty and even KKW, ColourPop built its popularity among beauty lovers by proposing well pigmented products that do last. However, the main difference is in the price which is way lower than any of the brands mentioned above. Indeed, ColourPop’s pencil eyeliners and eye shadows go for $5 while lipsticks and bronzers cost between $6 and $8. Why ? Because most popular make up brands have a high-end or luxury price point and ColourPop is mostly speaking to young clients who can not afford to buy a $25 lipstick.

Fast Beauty

Everything, from product concepting, R&D, production, and marketing is housed under Seedbeauty’s roof in Oxnard, CA; no middleman manufacturer or packager is necessary. That explains how ColourPop is able to launch many different collections in no time and why their products are not that expensive.

The Influencer Effect

As everybody knows, Beauty influencers are shaking up the industry by slowly replacing models. For a cosmetics company, it is a win-win situation : it allows the brand to reach an influencer’s fanbase and allows the influencer to gain mass credibility and respect in the make up community. That’s why Coulourpop keeps on collaborating with some big names such as Nikki Tutorials or Kathleen Lights. That is very smart, considering that these influencers are usually followed by ColourPop’s target audience.

Fabulous visuals and respect for diversity

Since online shopper can’t try ColourPop’s products, the company gives great visuals and swatches of their products on three skin tones: pale, medium and deep (which also expands their range of target customers). This is the perfect opportunity for the brand to send a message of diversity and inclusivity by recognizing that not all skin colors have the same pigmentation or undertones.

Unique Video Content

Forget the review videos on Youtube : we all know them. And we know how some Youtube stars use them as an opportunity to trash a brand. ColourPop is focused on unique content that will make a difference. For instance, YouTuber James Charles filmed a video of him making make-up at one of their warehouses while Youtuber Safiya Nygaard released her lipsticks with Colourpop based on her youtube series ‘bad makeup science’ where she melted together lipsticks in her kitchen to make new shades. These youtube videos then end up on Instagram where the makeup community is still growing and that leads to more curiosity for the brand. Who’s ever done that before ? Nobody. And who sold out a collection in a matter of hours ? ColourPop.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that ColourPop took over the cosmetics Industry by knowing their audience (millennials with a restricted budget) and studying their customers’s behavior and purchasing habits. The collections are completely in touch with today’s demands in terms of cosmetics and are tailor made for their clients. A success story like this one is remarkable, not only because of its simplicity but especially because of how relevant it is for any digital marketing professional.

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